Invoice Oversight and Auditing:

Some questions to be asked :

  • Are all the charges on your Telco/Cellular invoice Correct ?
  • Are you paying for services that have been removed/De-Installed ?
  • Are there services on your Invoice that are on a 3-5 year Contract ?
  • Do Telephone Companies (TELCO) auto-renew contractual services ?
  • If contracts are not renewed, does the Telco default the Service rate to the more expensive non-contract monthly rate ?
  • Are there users in your organizations that are configured with the wrong cellular/mobile Plan ?
  • Are there users in your organizations that are mis-using Corporate devices ?
  • How do you know if the TELCO is billing Contractual services are the CONTRACT rate ?

Here are some facts about “TIPS”

  • Telco/Client Contractual Rates have been programmed into “TIPS”.   Each Charges (detail record) is scrutinized to ensure the Telco has charged you the correct amount.
  • “TIPS” scans all detail in the TELCO Invoice looking for anomalies.

Common Exception Conditions monitored by “TIPS”:

  • Adjustment Charges
  • Annual Maintenance Contract Charges
  • Balance Transferred IN Charges
  • Balance Transferred OUT Charges
  • Calls that should be Free (Local calls dialed as Long Distance)
  • Change Charges
  • Charges on DE-INSTALLED Circuits/Services
  • Charges on NEW (uncoded) Circuits
  • Charges on Circuits not linked to a valid GL Accounts
  • Charges on Circuits linked to CLOSED GL Accounts
  • Connection Charges
  • Construction Charges
  • Contract Renewal/Termination Warnings or PRI and CENTREX Circuits
  • CPS Repair charges
  • CPS Sale charges
  • Excessive Cost on Long Distance
  • Excessive Duration on Long Distance
  • Labour Charges
  • Late Payment Charges
  • Monthly Subscription Correction Charges
  • Move Charges
  • Repair Charges
  • Service Fees
  • Service Call Charges
  • Service/Repair Charges
  • Termination Liability Charges
  • Toll Charges from Alternate Service Providers
  • Variance Reporting on incoming TOLL-FREE changes that does not match Client Contract rates
  • Variance Reporting on :
  • Domestic Long Distance that does not match Client/Telco Contract rates
  • International Long Distance that does not match Client/Telco Contract rates
  • Incoming TOLL Free usages that does not match Client/Telco Contract rates
  • Cellular Calling that does not match Client/Telco Contract rates

Exception Conditions Specific to Cell Phone / Mobile Devices:

  • Airtime Overage Charges
  • Text messaging / SMS Charges
  • Roaming Charges
  • Data Overage Charges
  • Vacation Disconnect Charges

Other interesting Exceptions Conditions being monitored by “TIPS”

  • Known Phone Scams
    • Mysterious charges show up on your invoice
    • PHONE SCAM : Google 8077881246
  • Charges from Alternate Carriers

Example of : Exceptions Report / Issues Log