The TELE-PLUS applications are typically installed within critical management areas of an organization. The proper installation of these systems must be accomplished on time and on budget. Databases must be built and systems have to be configured properly. Often times, customers simply do not have the human resources allocated to accomplish this task. At the customer’s option, we offer the “TELE-PLUS Solution”. The TELE-PLUS Solution is a turnkey installation of Hardware and Software, database conversions, Training, and Implementation/Installation Services. Additional TELE-PLUS services can also be quoted to meet specific projects and budgets. PRODUCTS & SERVICES FEE SCHEDULE available upon request.

System Background

Business Case & Benefits


Database Conversion & Setup

  • Conversion from Existing Systems
    • TAMS (Telus)
    • Nto1 (Telus)
    • HR / AD / GAL

  • Circuit (PBX Extensions, Cell Phone) Records
    • Import from PBX
    • Import From Telco Billing Systesm
    • Supplemented with Client Spreadsheets


  • On-Site
  • or by WEBEX Sessions