The TELE-PLUS Telecommunication Management System “TMS” is a complete modular based suite of software programs designed by end-users to manage all facets of telecommunications control. The software has been designed by TELE-PLUS Management. In a world of continuous technological change and corporate reorganization the main benefits of the TMS software are its hardware portability and flexible 4th Generation Language systems design. These features allow for machine portable and customized applications. Each main module is very advanced with the ability to operate in stand-alone or integrated modes.

The (TEM) Telecom Expense Modules are :

TIPS (Telecom Invoice Processing System) – Accounts Payable

TIMS (Telecom Information Management System) – Accounts Receivable

TOMS (Telecom Order Management System) – Moves/Adds/Changes

EXCEL Based Consolidated Telecom Expense Reporting – Email Delivery

Last Update : 2022-09-21